iPhone X到手的第一天……

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往年这个时候,iPhone 的话题基本上已经归于平静了,但因为 iPhone X 的存在,iPhone 8 似乎只是一道平淡无奇的前菜,调动用户大半年的好奇心和热情,仿佛才刚刚开始释放。正值全球i

往年这个时候,iPhone 的话题基本上已经归于平静了,但因为 iPhone X 的存在,iPhone 8 似乎只是一道平淡无奇的前菜,调动用户大半年的好奇心和热情,仿佛才刚刚开始释放。正值全球iPhone X销售热,一线口语带大家来看看消费者们在拿到iPhone X的第一天,体验感到底如何呢?

iPhone X到手的第一天……

1.Can not activate, feel heart-broken 无法激活,心碎了一地

When the first batch iPhone X users get the iPhone X, it should be a pleasure thing. After all, they can touch the latest Apple technology and the tempting full screen at the first time. Unfortunately, the first day that iPhone X appeared have appeared lots of problems, some users reflect that can’t activate smoothly. When a user activates a newly arrived iPhone X, a message appears on the screen saying "Activation server is temporarily inaccessible."

对于首批拿到iPhone X的用户来说,这应该是值得开心的,毕竟能够第一时间体验到苹果的最新科技以及那块诱人的全面屏。但不幸的是,iPhone X上市第一天就出现了问题,部分用户反映无法顺利激活。用户在激活新到手的iPhone X手机时,屏幕上出现一个提示,称“激活服务器暂时无法访问”。

iPhone X到手的第一天……

Some users try to activate the SIM card after trying to dial the operator's hotline, but it still doesn’t work on the iPhone X. However, the activation issue appears iPhone X are purchased at Apple's official website and retail stores, purchased directly from the operator did not appear this problem. It is not yet known whether the activation failure is an issue with the Apple server.

有用户按照尝试拨打运营商的热线来成功激活SIM卡后,但是在iPhone X上依然无效。不过让人不解的时,此次出现激活问题iPhone X都是在苹果官网和零售店购买的,从运营商处直接购买的并未出现这一问题。激活故障是否是苹果服务器出现问题,目前尚不得而知。

2. Drop test, stronger than the iPhone8 跌落测试,比iPhone8还结实

iPhone X has just arrived yet warm, foreign Apple digital video intelligent?EverythingApplePro quickly brought a drop test of the iPhone X, he compared with the iPhone 8 and its. Finally, the iPhone X test results shocked everyone! All the test session, iPhone X did not appear a glimmer of fragmentation, it perfect passed the test, even more than the iPhone 8 but also resistant to fall.

iPhone X刚到手还没暖热,国外苹果数码视频达人EverythingApplePro就火速带来了新机的跌落测试,用iPhone?8和其进行对比。最后,iPhone X的测试结果让所有人震惊!所有测试环节,iPhone X没有出现一丝碎裂,完美通过了测试,同场竞技下,竟然比iPhone 8还要耐摔。

iPhone X到手的第一天……

3. The scene of an Indian get iPhone X such as wedding 印度小哥拿到iPhone X 场面堪比迎亲

When iPhone X was officially shipped in India, Mahesh Paliwal, a 21-year-old Indian man, became Thana's first man to buy Apple's iPhone X. Although only to receive a cell phone, but the gauds is not small. Mahesh was riding a white horse, a friend in the back for him to hold high the "I love iPhone X" placard, the process of taking phone still have a band following, all the way with drums and gongs, the scene like wedding .

当iPhone X在印度正式发货,21岁的印度小哥Mahesh Paliwal成为塔那第一名购买苹果iPhone X的人。虽然只是领取一部手机,但排场可不小,Mahesh骑着白马,朋友在后面为他高举“我爱iPhone X”的标语牌,领取过程中更是有乐队跟随,一路敲锣打鼓,堪比迎亲。

iPhone X到手的第一天……

4. Face recognition was complained, unlock speed is too slow 人脸识别被吐槽,解锁速度太慢

Just got the iPhone X, many people took a series of tests on its face recognition feature , including daily use, wearing glasses, wearing fake beard, photos, masks, twins, triplets and so on. The end result is daily use, wearing glasses are no problem, but fake beard, photo mask won’t work. Also, some people test Touch ID unlock time is 0.91 seconds, while the iPhone X takes 1.16 seconds, although this slow is not obvious, but users can still perceive.

刚拿到iPhone X,很多人就对它的人脸识别功能进行各种极端的测试,包括日常使用、戴眼镜墨镜、戴假胡子、照片、面具、双胞胎、三胞胎等。最终的结果是日常使用、戴眼镜墨镜都没问题,但戴假胡子不行,照片面具都不行。并且,也有人测评Touch ID解锁时间是0.91秒,而iPhone X的需要1.16秒,虽然这个慢很不明显,但用户依然能够感知到。

iPhone X到手的第一天……

虽然目前大家对iPhone X的评价褒贬不一,但丝毫没有影响它的销量。不管怎样,消费者们都要保持冷静,根据自身需求进行购买。